The Council "Circular economy - the Green Alternative for Bulgaria" has been established at BCCI

The Council "Circular economy - the Green Alternative for Bulgaria", or acronym CEGA-BG, has been established at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The founders of the COUNCIL are companies, organizations and scientific institutes, working in the field of the circular economy, as well as individuals with extensive experience and expertise.

The main goal of the Council is to work for strengthening the development of the Bulgarian economy, based on the principles of the circular economy, the application of new and innovative business models, transfer of innovative technologies and "good practices" leading to waste reduction and their circular recovery. The Council will initially focus on the main most polluting industries, namely the agroindustry, textiles and plastics.

The Council's programme includes activities related to provision of information, training, support and advice of SMEs on the application of business models and practices of the circular economy, organization of "workshops" for innovative ideas, led by leading experts, information on innovative technologies that reduce industrial waste and protect the environment, success stories of Bulgarian and foreign companies in the application of "green technologies" and a number of other activities.



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