The issue of the import of labor into the country is of undiminished relevance due to the delay in all lines of procedures in the relevant institutions

According to a survey by Europalati for 2024, the main challenge indicated by companies in Bulgaria is the lack of qualified labor and labor costs. A possible solution to the problem is an accelerated and simplified procedure for importing labor into the country. Delaying and neglecting this extremely important issue could seriously affect our competitiveness.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working on this problem persistently - both by sending opinions to the institutions and by holding meetings and conversations, sharing experiences and studying good practices. In terms of partnerships, the Chamber has made progress, for which it also receives letters of thanks from companies specializing in the selection of labor from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

BCCI continues its efforts in this direction and prepares additional meetings and expansion of cooperation, both with the mixed chambers and foreign missions in Bulgaria, as well as with our institutions responsible for simplifying and easing the administrative procedures for this.

As before, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will promptly inform the interested parties about the progress in this important area for business.



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