Meeting with the Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bulgarian companies have the opportunity to take part in the construction of residential buildings in the Kingdom for which significant investments are foreseen

Mr. Abdulelah Aljebreen, Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Embassy in Sofia, visited BCCI and met with the Chamber’s President Tsvetan Simeonov.

During the meeting, information on Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” was presented. Mr. Abdulelah Aljebreen pointed out that the project aims to diversify the country’s economy so that it has other sources of profit besides oil. The idea is to develop sectors such as local production, healthcare, education, infrastructure, entertainment industry, residential construction, renewable energy, mining and tourism. Bulgarian companies have the opportunity to compete with other international building companies working in the field of residential construction, for which according to Mr. Aljebreen, the Saudi government has planned investment of USD 14 billion.

The Embassy’s intention to help facilitate the issuance of visas for Bulgarian entrepreneurs willing to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was declared. Tsvetan Simeonov and his guest agreed that later this year, BCCI together with the Embassy, will organize a presentation of the “Vision 2030”. The interested Bulgarian entrepreneurs will be additionally informed about the exact date of the event.


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