Meeting with the management of the International Bank for Economic Co-operation

Discussing opportunities for credit guarantee and financial risks insurance

On 27 October 2017, at BCCI a meeting with the management of the International Bank for Economic Co-operation – Moscow (IBEC) was held. Todor Tabakov, Member of the Executive Council of BCCI and Vasil Todorov, Secretary General of BCCI met with Irina Golovchenko, Chairman of the Board, Dmitry Gaysenok, Adviser and Rossen Chobanov, Member of the Board of IBEC.

Todor Tabakov presented the activity of BCCI in support of the business. He pointed out that BCCI’s members are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, whose activity is highly dependent on the financial sector and the availability of funding.

Irina Golovchenko gave an overview of the work and the wide range of services of the bank, which was established in 1963 as an international institution seated in Moscow. Its members are Bulgaria, Vietnam, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The bank works with clients from these countries which have relations with partners from the same or third countries.

The existing opportunities in Bulgaria for credit guarantee and financial risk insurance from the National Guarantee Fund, the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency, Coface Bulgaria, etc. were discussed.

BCCI presented the IBEC Chairman with a draft Memorandum of Understanding.

Representatives of the companies “Centralna Energoremontna Baza” EAD and “Stroitelna Mehanizatsia” AD also took part in the meeting and discussed possible projects of mutual interest with the representatives of the bank.


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