Inquiry Research of the BCCI for Assessment of the Business and Investment Conditions in Bulgaria

About 60% of the employers intend to raise the salaries and 75% of them plan to invest in the training of their employees

The President of the BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov was a guest of the bTV emission “This Morning” and presented the results of the inquiry research aiming at assessment of the conditions for business development and investments in Bulgaria, carried out among the members of the Chamber. The inquiry was carried on-line in the period 24-28 of April, 2017, and was targeted to companies and sectorial organizations.

More than 80% of the respondents are giving excellent or good estimate of the rates of the corporate and income tax, as well as of the financial stability of the country – factors, determining the business development and the attraction of foreign investments in the country. On the other part, the respondents made lots of recommendations for the improvement of the educational and judicial systems.

In comparison with the results of a similar inquiry in 2015 the evaluation on the part of the business of the financial stability of the country register considerable improvement (2017: 83% positive estimates compared to 35% in 2015).

As a general conclusion it may be outlined that the respondents consider that the foreign investments will increase when the electronic government is introduced and the education creates the necessary for the business specialists.


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