The BCCI prepared a "Calendar of Fairs and Exhibitions in Bulgaria 2017"

Information in Bulgarian and in English about the following types of events in the country - fairs, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, department “Fairs and Exhibitions” prepared and issued the 24th edition of  “CALENDAR OF FAIRS AND EXHIBITIONS IN BULGARIA”.

In the Calendar you can find basic information in Bulgarian and in English about 74 events – fairs, exhibitions. The purpose of the publication is to facilitate the Bulgarian and the foreign companies in their choice of events in the country, in which they are willing to participate or visit.

The information is structured by place of organization of the events. Attached you can find a chronological and branch index.

Online version of the Calendar of the Fairs and Exhibitions in Bulgaria 2017

For orders:
If you wish to receive the electronic version in PDF format or a printed copy of the Calendar of the Fairs and Exhibitions in Bulgaria 2017, please send a request containing your name, company and E-mail address to: fairs13@bcci.bg

For information and orders: "Fairs and Exhibitions" Department, BCCI - CVTTCCS LTD, Tel.: +359 2/8117 428, 989 72 40, E-mail: fairs13@bcci.bg


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