Presenting the opportunities for business cooperation between Bulgaria and Israel

BCCI and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and Industry maintain active contacts despite the complicated situation in the region

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the Commercial Service at the Bulgarian Embassy in Israel and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and Industry, held an online meeting on the topic of "Bulgaria-Israel: opportunities for business cooperation". The aim was to present the opportunities for trade, import and export between the two countries, with a focus on the import conditions in Israel, as well as on the production and export potential of specific sectors in Bulgaria.

The meeting was opened by BCCI President Tsvetan Simeonov, who said that despite the complicated situation in the region, the two business organisations do not stop their efforts to improve trade and economic relations between the two countries. "The official statistics on the exchange of goods between Bulgaria and Israel make us improve these figures even more," Simeonov said. Traditionally, the two countries are good partners and have no open issues to resolve. In the past years, Bulgaria's export has been stable. The import from Israel shows potential for growth and the aim is to balance bilateral trade.

Sarit Fischbein, Director of the International Department, said some words of welcome to the participants from the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and Industry. She outlined the economic situation in this country and noted that after the USA, the European Union, as a whole, is a main trading partner for Israel.

Mr Kamen Minkov, Head of the Trade and Economic Affairs Office of Bulgaria in Tel Aviv, acquainted the participants with the main economic indicators of Bulgaria and the options of exporting various goods from Bulgaria to third countries.

Mariana Miltenova, Chairperson of the Management Board, presented the activities of the National Union of Horticulturalists in Bulgaria.

Tsveta Bratanova, Executive Director of GS1 Bulgaria, made a presentation of the operations of the GS1 system, which offers unique identification of products and locations, as well as efficiency and transparency in the supply chain. The BG Barcode electronic catalogue was also presented. It enables the companies – which are members of GS1 Bulgaria and are both producers and brand owners – to enter, store and share information about their products with end users, trading partners, commercial chains, online platforms, regulatory bodies, etc., on a unified portal and with minimum effort.

Bulgarian companies, which want to find partners or launch products in the Israeli market, can fill in the attached Form and email it to: irelations@bcci.bg. For more information, please contact: BCCI, telephone: +359 2 8117 421.




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