BCCI celebrated the International Day of Safety and Health at Work

BulChamber will continue to inform and educate workers at the Safety and Security Service, indefinitely

"BulChamber organizes and conducts OSH training all year round from all over the country through regional structures," said Tsvetan Simeonov, President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on the annual International Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Representatives of employers, trade unions and public authorities gathered and together commemorated Bulgarian workers who died in occupational accidents. The event, according to tradition, took place in Yuzhnya Park in the capital, behind the "Land and People" museum.

Tsvetan Simeonov emphasized that the labor process is an activity that requires the participation of all interested parties - employers, trade unions, public authorities and the employees themselves. He noted that the BCCI annually trains about 1,000 people in different parts of the country on healthy and safe working conditions. "We are looking for competent lecturers who will teach us the latest innovations in procedures and technologies related to occupational safety," added Simeonov.

In front of the audience, Tsvetan Simeonov stated that the BCCI will continue its work on informing and educating workers about healthy and safe working conditions, moving forward indefinitely into the future, because technologies will continue to develop, and with them the specifications for occupational safety.

Ognyan Angelov, deputy chairman of the CITUB, informs that there are no statistics on the number of people who received disability as a result of occupational accidents and how many started as a result of occupational diseases. He stated that this should be changed in order to have a clear idea of the damage to the economy caused by occupational diseases.

The deputy director of the Main Labor Inspection (MLI) Tsvetomyla Filipova said that one of the priority goals for the inspection is building a culture for safe work in the workplace.

Deputy Rector of Medical University - Sofia, Karolina Lubomirova, stated that MU - Sofia has the capacity to allocate more resources to be included in training on health and safety at work.

The event ended with a one-minute silence and the traditional planting of trees.

The organizers of the initiative are the Bulgarian Association "Labor, Health and Safety", the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CITUB, Confederacy of Labour "Support" and other branch organizations and associations.



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