BCCI welcomed a Turkish delegation from Trabzon

BCCI hosted a meeting with a delegation from Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Turkey. The President of BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov welcomed the guests and said that the Chamber is open to sharing its best and most successful practices with its Turkish colleagues, including the digitalization of services, the practice of the Arbitration Court at BCCI, the support it provides for the development of innovative SMEs.

During the event, the services of GS1 Bulgaria were presented as well as the “Innovation Capacity Assessment of SMEs” offered by EEN.

Emra Ayvaz, Deputy General Coordinator at Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the organization. Experts from the Technical University of Karadeniz also had the opportunity to present their services and the work of the Technology Transfer Center at the university.

In the ensuing discussions, the participants shared experience in improving the services provided to SMEs in the field of intellectual property rights, innovation management, innovation policies and improving the methods of cooperation between NGOs, scientific research and technology transfer centers, universities and the business.

The visit of the Turkish delegation was organized within the “International Innovation Network Concept” project, funded by the Republic of Turkey – EU Cooperation Programme.