A meeting with the delegation from Nineveh Province, Iraq

A delegation from Nineveh Province, Iraq led by Mr. Majid Taha, Director of Kurdistan – Bulgaria Friendship Association, visited the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The President of BCCI welcomed the interest of the Iraqi entrepreneurs to visit our country and stressed the good cooperation between the representatives of the Iraqi and Kurdish business with Bulgarian regional chambers and with Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry in particular. He pointed out the good economic situation in Bulgaria, the low corporate income tax, the lack of budget deficit, as well as the opportunities of BCCI, which represents all sectors of cooperation.

The Iraqi delegation called for renewal of the cooperation between the two countries recalling the Bulgarian economic presence in the Arab world in the 1970s and 1980s. They expressed the opinion that Bulgaria is well known in Iraq with its high-quality goods and has great potential to be included in many concessions, road and construction projects in Nineveh.


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