BCCI’s position on Brexit, its future effects and consequences

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has presented the results of a survey it conducted on Brexit and its future effects and consequences.

BCCI strives to respond to the challenges of time by studying and analysing any upcoming change in the circle of Bulgaria’s economic interests, Olga Chugunska, Economic Expert at the Chamber said.

Brexit provides an opportunity to improve the results of our economic cooperation with the United Kingdom, the President of BCCI added.

BCCI finds encouraging the findings of a recent survey of GS1 UK, according to which the British business wishes to take advantage of Brexit to boost freedom of trade.

The United Kingdom remain a serious financial center in which investment funds are concentrated and directed to appropriate destinations. It is time for Bulgaria to make use of these opportunities.

According to BCCI’s survey, the Bulgarian business underestimates the effects of Brexit and does not appreciate the opportunities created by the new realities.

BCCI recommends using the increasing interest towards what is happening in the United Kingdom to create new opportunities for the Bulgarian economy and attract investors from financial centers.



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