What Bulgarian business will ask of the new Cabinet

Tsvetan Simeonov for “In Development” Programme on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

The administrative increase of incomes is not acceptable for the business in any way. For employers’ organizations the acceptable wage increase is based on economic growth. 10% rise of the average wages per year is not a mission impossible. For this purpose some burdens on business need to be curbed and “the e-Government needs to be launched which will solve a lot of issues”, said the President of BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov in an interview for the “In Development” Programme on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

According to Mr. Simeonov, work is needed in the field of justice, for example to change the rules for closing a company.

The next Bulgarian government should not delay ensuring the tripartite dialogue and needs to be a good intermediary between the employers’ organizations and trade unions”.

The President of BCCI expressed the position of employers on the effect higher natural gas and electricity prices in Bulgaria will have on the business and whether an increase of the prices of Bulgarian goods and services will be required. Other discussed topics were the changes in education, healthcare and justice.


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