BCCI fulfilled its 2016 objectives and plans in support of business

The Board of Directors of the Chamber adopted the main priorities for its activities during this year

A regular annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held on 7thMarch 2017. The Council of Presidents adopted the Report for 2016 and approved the Chamber’s Programme for 2017.

In connection with the activities of the BCCI related to providing more favorable business environment in the country, the meeting discussed the difficulties resulting from the current regulations. President Tsvetan Simeonov pointed out that the Chamber actively works to reduce the imbalances between education and business community expectations. It was reported that the BCCI had achieved the set program objectives and realized the established financial plans with a positive result.

The Members of the Board have been familiarized with specific economic proposals that the four nationally representative employers' organizations - BICA, BIA, BCCI and CEIBG - members of the Association of Bulgarian Employers (AOBE), have discussed in a series of meetings with political parties in connection with the upcoming parliamentary elections on March 26, 2017.

Surveys of the Chamber, related to missions abroad, shortages of skilled staff, corruption, tax system in Bulgaria and others, that have found a wide resonance in the media, have also been presented at the meeting. Emphasis was put on the regular meeting of the EU Club at the BCCI on the occasion of taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union of the Republic of Malta. The meeting has brought together a number of diplomats, representatives of the business community and the Bulgarian institutions. During this meeting the BCCI has presented summary results of the survey on the business climate (Eurochambres Economic Survey 2017).

Among the achievements of the Chamber, the following have been highlighted:

  • Formalizing the joining of BCCI to the international  Certificate of Origins  Accreditation Chain at ICC - Paris and the granted Certificate of membership;
  • Launch of new modules and functionalities of the information system of the Trade Register: over 85% of the applications for trade register data certificates have been filed electronically;
  • Aligning legislation with the increased requirements for foreign trade documents.

Among the priorities of the BCCI set out in its Programme for 2017 are:

  • Development, application and participation in projects to expand the activities and services to SMEs aimed at enhancing their competitiveness and presence in international trade;
  • New services for members of the BCCI through linking Trade Register Database with the product catalog of GS1 Bulgaria and input of additional information on product characteristics;
  • Publicizing the renewed and modernized information system of the Uniform Trade Register of BCCI, etc.

2017 BCCI programme remains open as it is possible to be updated in line with the economic situation in the country and supplemented with ideas and suggestions of partners of the Chamber, companies and branch organizations.  

Overall activities of the BCCI will continue to be full self-supporting, without a single lev state funding.



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