BCCI is among the founders of “Export Hub Bulgaria”

Export Hub Bulgaria has developed a specialized website www.exporthub.bg. BCCI is among the founders of the hub, along with public and private institutions coordinated by the Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency.

The export programme of Export Hub Bulgaria aims to support the development of the export potential of Bulgarian companies that have the necessary capacity to enter international markets. Through its theoretical and practical part, the export programme will serve as an additional step to enriching the knowledge and developing the business ideas of Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

BCCI, as a partner of Export Hub Bulgaria”, will provide relevant resources and experts to present the models for building the right strategy for interested companies in offering their products outside Bulgaria. As part of its commitments to Export Hub Bulgaria, the Chamber will carry out the following activities: organization of national and international events with information and business orientation; publishing business offers in international databases; assessment of innovation capacity of SMEs; providing information about the conditions and procedures for issuing foreign trade documents; providing information about the procedures for resolving commercial disputes through commercial arbitration and mediation; advising the participants in Export Hub Bulgariaon the implementation of the global supply chains standards (GS1).


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