Tsvetan Simeonov visits “Centralna Energoremontna Baza” EAD – the first and largest company in the field of repair of power facilities in Bulgaria and member of BCCI

Discussed possible areas of cooperation with the management

The President of BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov had a meeting with Eng. Dimitar Beleliev, President of the Board of Directors of “Centralna Energoremontna Baza” EAD (CERB) and Eng. Ivan Zhelyazkov, member of the Board of Directors. The company is a member of the Chamber.

CERB was established in 1948 and is the largest supplier of repair services to the power facilities within the electric power sector in Bulgaria. It owns the only railroad special flat wagon (in operation) on the Balkans for transportation of heavy out-of-gauge loads by railway. The President of BCCI got acquainted to the CERB activities and the work of 150 employees, engineers and technicians.

Mr. Simeonov presented opportunities for cooperation with BCCI and informed the CERB representatives of the upcoming delegations abroad organized by the Chamber’s International Cooperation and International Relations Department.

BCCI’s President also discussed future initiatives which the Chamber plans in support of its members, including the launch of a 360° video recording project that will allow visualisation of manufacturing and trade facilities using the latest visual presentation technologies.

In conclusion, the President emphasized the work of the Arbitration Court at BCCI and its huge advantage: confidentiality (external persons may be present only with the permission of the parties), quick and much cheaper resolution of disputes for the business.

During the meeting it became clear that CERB has a scholarship programme for future young professionals in the field of power supply and provides important special services for its employees such as canteen and day care for the employees’ children.


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