The Announcement of the Economic Classification “TOP 100” is Forthcoming

The event is planned for 28th of August, 2017

The classification of the BCCI of the leading companies in Bulgaria “TOP 100” will be announced officially at a press-conference on 28th of August, 2017 at 11:00.

The company classification for 29 years now is accomplished only on the basis of objective and comparable data from the financial reports. In the new edition of “TOP 100” the financial data of more than 6000 companies in the country, which are producing about 82% of the GDP in 2016, has been processed. The classification is based on some criteria, accounting for the income of sales, for the financial results and for their own capital. The classification is done also on a regional principle.

All the classified companies, independent of their ranging position in the classification, may receive a Certificate, which is an objective estimation of their activity as a part of the leading companies in Bulgaria.

On 4th of December, 2017 at an official ceremony with the participation of representatives of public institutions and diplomats, the BCCI will award the companies, classified at leading positions.

By its new edition of the classification the BCCI continues to encourage the entrepreneurship spirit and the good business practices, allowing the businessmen to increase many a time their profit.

The classification “TOP 100” is issued in Bulgarian and in English. It is disseminated at the time of more than 250 business events with more than 5000 participants from well established companies. The BCCI submits the classification to 70 Ambassadors and to more than 35 trade representatives at the diplomatic missions based in Sofia and also to more than 70 missions abroad. In international context “TOP 100” reaches 130 chambers of commerce and industry in the world, members of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - -Paris; the members of Eurochambres – 45 chambers from 43 countries with a members network of 1700 regional structures and with 20 mln member companies; more than 315 members of the World Trade Centers Association; 45 embassies and trade services in Bulgaria and abroad.


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