BCCI has provided interniships for Lithuanian young people in Bulgarian companies

Under the partnership with the Lithuanian Confederation of Employers

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Lithuanian Confederation of Employers, works on the VETGRAD project: Work & Learn, Strengthening the Competence of Ability to Learn in Workplace, funded under the Erasmus + programme. The project is related to the internship in Bulgaria of 10 young people from Lithuania who have vocational education.

From 30.01.2017 till 29.04.2017 the BCCI has provided jobs to 10 young professionals from Lithuania in 7 companies in Sofia. The costs of staying and internships of the young people have been fully funded under the Erasmus program.

During their internships the young people have had the opportunity to gain practical experience as well as to increase their professional skills and knowledge.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a nationally representative employers' organization, will seek to expand its activities for upholding internships as a basic tool for better training of young professionals and increasing their adaptability to the requirements of the real business.



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