ENDEAVOR Bulgaria and BCCI in support of Bulgarian entrepreneurs

The Executive Director of ENDEAVOR Bulgaria Momchil Vasilev and BCCI’s President Tsvetan Simeonov met at BCCI to discuss possibilities for supporting Bulgarian companies in growth mode. The Executive Director of ENDEAVOR Bulgaria introduced the President of the Chamber to the vision, mission and goals of the organization.

ENDEAVOR is a non-profit organization that selects and supports entrepreneurs with great ideas and businesses that have the potential to grow rapidly on an international scale. The organization already operates in 27 countries and its Bulgarian office is the third in Europe. The ENDEAVOR entrepreneurs have the potential to be key drivers for long-term economic growth, job creation and innovation. These entrepreneurs have the potential to change their countries and the world.

ENDEAVOR provides the selected entrepreneurs with access to markets, capital and talents in its network of over 3500 mentors and world-class investors. ENDEAVOR focuses on companies which are already successful in what they do but need additional expertise, contacts, capital and resources to take the next step in their development.

The President of the Chamber introduced Momchil Vasilev to the activities and services provided by BCCI in support of Bulgarian business. The Chamber’s capacity with its network of 28 regional structures across the country is a prerequisite for cooperation and two-way support for the successful businesses. The information database of accounting reports of more than 6000 companies processed by BCCI is a reliable source of information for the selection of companies supported by ENDEAVOR Bulgaria. During the meeting opportunities for conducting joint events in support of Bulgarian entrepreneurs were identified.

More information about the activity of ENDEAVOR Bulgaria is available at: http://www.endeavor.bg/



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