Address by the President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

During this year as in the previous years before the activities of the Chamber were targeted to the upholding the interests of its members..

Dear members and partners,

During this year as in the previous years before the activities of the Chamber were targeted to the upholding the interests of its members, supporting their ideas concerning the principles of development of the Bulgarian economy. Responding to their pressing needs we enunciated the respective proposals and stood up for them before the state authorities and the society.

The results of these efforts are – tens of thousands issued documents, hundreds of consultations, business forums and delegations, seminars, conferences, new EU funded projects.

Due to the persistent efforts of the BCCI at last in the Preschool and School Education Act training on entrepreneurship was incorporated  in the school programmes ever since the first classes.

An important achievement was the acknowledgement of the BCCI for a nationally represented employers’ organization. We express our great gratitude to all the companies and associations, which trusted us and gave us mandate to represent them in the tripartite dialogue for the four years to come. For all of them we’ll continue to be the organization that provides the most multifarious and qualitative services along the whole chain of their business activities.

The transfer of the activity of GS1 Bulgaria in a separate organization, as per the requirements of the Global organization GS1, was successful, for which we received from them their full approval. Compliment for us was the entrusted for 2016 hostage of the meeting of the European organizations of GS1.

We should also outline as a great achievement the official accreditation of the BCCI by the International Chamber of Commerce /ICC/ - Paris for issuing electronic certificates and other foreign trade documents. The BCCI is one of the first dozen accredited chambers in the world.

We continue to maintain our working contacts with the foreign embassies in Bulgaria and with our embassies abroad targeted to further business orientation of their activities for the benefit of the bilateral and multilateral economic collaboration.

We have the capacity to be your reliable partner even under conditions of uncertainty, global challenges and turbulent processes in the Balkans. We’ll be responsible and will stand up for our national interests and will build bridges for further cooperation with our partners from the Balkans, South-East Europe and the world.

Let work together for a wealthier, more developed and prospering Bulgaria!

We wish you, your employees and your families good health and prosperity in 2017!

                                                     Tsvetan Simeonov
                                             President of the Managing Board of the BCCI



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