Review of the Bulgarian-Lebanese economic relations

The President of BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov met and talked with Ahmad Alaeddine, President of the Lebanese – Bulgarian Business Council and President of the Association of the Bulgarian – Arab Economic Chambers.

The current economic situation in Lebanon and Bulgaria, in the conditions of a global epidemic situation, and the opportunities for intensifying the bilateral business relations, were among the main topics of the meeting.

Ahmad Alaeddine informed about the upcoming initiatives in 2021 which will be led by the Lebanese-Bulgarian Business Council and the Association of the Bulgarian-Arab Economic Chambers.

The President of the Chamber undertook an engagement BCCI to inform and assist the interested Bulgarian companies and organizations for participation in these initiatives, but not until the specific dates for the upcoming bilateral business meetings and forums are specified.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Economy for 2019, the Bulgarian export to Lebanon is increased by 64.3%, compared to 2018, amounting to 132.1 million USD, while the import from Lebanon to Bulgaria is decreased by 67.0%, amounting to 31.3 million USD.



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