Improved competitiveness of Bulgaria show the international classifications – 2016

Brief review of Bulgaria’s place worldwide according to the 2016 international rankings:

After 2-year-standstill in Bulgaria’s competitiveness ranking (54th), in the new edition of the classification of the World Economic Forum “Global Competitiveness Report” the country goes up 4 positions and occupies 50th place. The country’s macroeconomic stability remains among the best evaluated criteria included in the index.

In the other famous classification of competitiveness - the “World Competitiveness Ranking” of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Switzerland, the position of Bulgaria has also improved from 55th place in 2015 to 50th place in 2016.

The reverse tendency is observed in Bulgaria’s position according to economic freedom – the country loses places in both economic freedom classifications – in the “Economic Freedom Index” it ranks 60th in comparison to 55th place in 2015, while in the index of the Canadian Fraser Institute “Economic Freedom of the World”, Bulgaria ranks 45th as compared to its 42nd place in 2015. The worst performance of the country is according to the criteria showing the structure of the legal system, the security of private property and business regulations.

In the “E-Government Readiness Index” the country registers growth – from 73rd place in the previous edition of the ranking to 52nd place in 2016. In the “Logistics Services Index” the reverse tendency is observed – the country’s position drops from 47th in 2015 to 72nd place in 2016.

There is slight improvement in the country’s performance in relation to innovation – Bulgaria climbs up one place to 38th position in the “Global Innovation Index 2016”. In terms of ecology Bulgaria ranks 33rd in comparison to 41st place in last year’s classification.

The change is Bulgaria’s position in the World Bank report “Doing Business” is insignificant – 39th place compared to 38th place in 2015. Of the Balkan countries, only Macedonia and Romania have more competitive positions than Bulgaria. As far as Bulgaria’s attractiveness for risk capital investors and private equity funds is concerned, there is no significant change in the country’s position – 55th place in the 2016 index, as compared to 54th place last year.

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