Meeting with Bulgarian authorities in Sofia Rafael Catalá supports internationalisation of Spanish companies in Bulgaria

  • Meeting with Bulgarian authorities in Sofia Rafael Catalá supports internationalisation of Spanish companies in Bulgaria


    The Spanish delegation consists of more than thirty companies from the sectors of construction and transport, agri-food production, and water and waste treatment.

    A number of round-table discussions with authorities from the Bulgarian Government and representatives from local authorities will provide the forum in which to analyse the projects that are scheduled to take place in these sectors over the coming months and years.

    This is the second such meeting to be held after the meeting organised by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (Spanish acronym: CEOE) in Madrid on 5 October, enabling first contact to be made by Spanish business leaders with the reality in this Balkan country.

    Global benchmark in infrastructure

    In his speech, Rafael Catalá highlighted that Spanish companies are an international benchmark in the sectors of infrastructure, transport, water treatment and farming.

    In the field of transport infrastructure, Spain has undergone significant development in recent decades with regard to high-capacity roads, high-speed railway, airports and seaports. As a result, Spanish companies have acquired unique experience that has led them to become a global benchmark in the sector.

    Spain has several major corporations that lead the world in the development of infrastructure. According to Technology Review, these companies are building or managing almost 40% of all major transport concessions in the world.

    By way of example, Rafael Catalá cited several highly positive recent experiences in various geographical regions of the world, such as the Middle East, Europe and America, where Spanish companies are undertaking important projects.

    Support for internationalisation

    Rafael Catalá also highlighted the firm support from the Government of Spain for the internationalisation strategy being implemented by Spanish companies as one of the pathways to economic recovery.

    Spanish companies are making a considerable commitment to internationalisation, "by promoting business partnerships, setting up consortiums and exporting the skills already demonstrated in Spain", added the State Secretary for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing.

    In this regard, Bulgaria presents some very good conditions for Spanish companies due to its favourable economic indicators, said Rafael Catalá.

    Recipient of European funds

    Bulgaria also has a good framework of economic and monetary stability and a fiscal policy with incentives for investment.

    This context, together with the legal security provided by being a member of the European Union and the fact that the country will receive a significant volume of European funds over the coming years, provides Bulgaria with a highly attractive framework for Spanish companies to invest in the country, and contribute to and collaborate in its economic and social development, said the Spanish State Secretary.