ATA Carnets

The ATA Carnet is an international unified customs guarantee document for temporary importation, exportation and transit of goods under the International Convention ATA and the Istanbul Convention for temporary import. 

The Republic of Bulgaria joined the Convention ATA in 1964, and its application began in 1967. Ever since, the BCCI has been the issuing and guaranteeing organization of ATA Carnets. On these grounds, the Chamber is a member of the International ATA Guarantee Chain, established with the World Chambers Federation.

The ATA Carnet applies to all countries that have signed the Convention, whereby the guaranteeing bodies are:
List of countries that have signed the ATA Convention

Leaflet "Speed through customs with your passport for goods" (pdf)

Advantages from the use of ATA Carnets

Procedure for issuance of ATA Carnets
In order to obtain an ATA carnet you have to:

  • Fill-in all the required information and describe the goods in the unified forms.
  • Sign a contract with BCCI for the issuance and guarantee of the carnet by the BCCI.
  • Remit a deposit to BCCI. The sum may be paid in cash at the Chamber’s cash-desk or remitted to BCCI’s bank account.
  • Pay the cost of the service for the issuance of the Carnet.

Carnets are processed and issued by BCCI within one day. After they are used up they have to be returned to BCCI.

Tariff of rates of services (Art. 5)


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