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The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the oldest organization of independent entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, established in 1895. For three centuries the Chamber has assisted, encouraged, represented and defended the business interests of its members, provided various services, assisted the European and international integration of the Republic of Bulgaria. BCCI plays a key role in determining the national policy in the field of economy, and lobbies for special laws protecting its members.

BCCI operates on the basis of the principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self - financing and seeks to establish ethical relations in business. The priorities of its activity include: sustainable economic growth, work with the funds of the European Union, easing the regulatory regimes; involving the sectorial organizations (Council of Sectorial Organizations) and the regional chambers (Council of Presidents of the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry) to create better business conditions in the country; constructive dialogue with the government and municipal authorities; constant contact with companies to assist them in their day-to-day activity; development of e-commerce and the international standards GS1 (GS1 Bulgaria).

Membership with BCCI
More than 52 000 companies and more than 100 sectorial organizations are members of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. BCCI and the 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry are united in the Unified System of Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The services of BCCI are provided on the territory of the entire country by the established national network of chambers of commerce and industry.

The members of the Chamber are associated, direct, honorary and correspondent members.

The members of the Chamber are entitled to make advantageous use of the services rendered by BCCI free of charge and/or at preferential rates, to take part in the organized events, to receive information about its activity, to initiate or join in the discussion of various issues with regard to their activity and interests, etc.

In addition to the above-listed rights, the direct members of the BCCI can participate in the General Assembly of the Chamber , in its management, in the execution of its programme and are entitled to special packages of services provided for them: minimal, standard and extended package. To the services table - HERE.

Advantages of the membership with BCCI:

  1. Joining the community of active entrepreneurs – more than 52 000, entered in the voluntary Unified Trade Register of the Chamber;
  2. Access to all renown international organizations of which BCCI is a member;
  3. Establishing new partnerships by taking part in international meetings, round tables, delegations, etc.;
  4. Increasing your competitiveness by implementing the GS1 standards;
  5. Assistance for the positioning of your products in international markets by GS1 Bulgaria;
  6. Participation in projects and project activities developed by BCCI;
  7. Receiving competent advise and consultations;
  8. Improving your knowledge and skills by participating in seminars, trainings, etc.;
  9. Making offers and using them;
  10. Obtaining electronic signature and information about its application;
  11. Assistance for participation in fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad;
  12. Receiving information about all upcoming and past events organized by BCCI on a daily basis;
  13. Receiving information in due time about the practices of the Court of Arbitration with BCCI in the resolution of disputes;
  14. Possibility to make suggestions for new services to be provided by BCCI, which would be of use to your day-to-day activity.

In order to become part of Bulgarian business and to develop great international contacts, join us and become members of BCCI !

Information about the membership with BCCI is available HERE
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