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New ranking TOP 100 - published on 2019/12/02

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been ranking Bulgarian companies leading in the economy since 1998. These classifications serve as a guideline to the processes in the national economy, their development over the years, and to show the public the best examples of successful businesses of various sectors.

In Bulgaria the edition is being distributed in around 200 business events – forums, meetings and conferences attended by more than 2100 participants per year on average. 

Internationally, TOP 100 is spread via business visits abroad to 120 chambers of commerce in the world, to the members of EuroChambers – 45 national chambers from 43 countries with a network of 1700 regional and local structures, and 20 million companies; to 330 members of the Association of World Trade Centers; to more than 50 offices on trade and economic affairs of Bulgaria abroad, as well as to other international organisations.

TOP 100 Classifications have been diverse in each successive year, and are based on objective public data, such as the official annual financial reports and according to criteria proven as indicators of profitability and dynamism:

Generally, BCCI provides two kinds of classifications:

·                On alteration of net sales revenue for two consecutive years

·                On maximum value of profit in BGN on 100 BGN equity for the current year

The methodology of the rankings includes only companies that have ended the current year with a profit and have generated sales revenue of over BGN 100.000 in the previous year.

BCCI’s classifications comprise companies from all sectors at a national level, and each year an increase of their representativeness may be seen at a national level. The share of companies involved in the rankings form 70–80 % of the country’s GDP in the recent years. BCCI’s collection of original accounting reports used as a source of information to make the rankings exceeds 5000 per year.

For the first time in 2013 a new criterion was introduced for ranking companies that have managed to reduce their indebtedness, but also to achieve profitability and growth in their sales revenue.

In its 16-year history the edition of “TOP 100 Bulgarian companies leading in the economy” includes other charts of interest to the readers as well, such as: companies from all six national planning regions, classified by the amount of their net sales revenue, companies with positive alteration of the financial result with realized profit in the current year, covering losses from the previous one, examples of successful SMEs, companies classified on profit on sales revenue and others.

BCCI’s classifications allow anyone who has not participated yet, to check their rating in “TOP 1500”: , edition 2022 (BG)

BCCI issues certificates on companies ranked in TOP 100 and TOP 1500

Due to increased interest, BCCI provides with the opportunity each of the companies included to obtain a certificate of their ranking in the classification. It is a good testimony for the certain company before its current and potential partners.

The certificated issued by the BCCI indicates the place and the category awarded to a certain company, as well as information on the total number of companies participated in the selection.

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