Membresía en la CBCI

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is an organization, which enables its members to unite and protect their interests. The members of the Chamber are part of this organization. The problems of BCCI’s members can be solved not by the BCCI but through the BCCI - based on partnership efforts and cooperation.

The possibilities of the BCCI are the result of its experience of many years, numerous partner contacts at European and n on-European level, the domestic and international authority the organization commands, its wide regional structure and its wide team of experts on staff.

Many of BCCI’s possibilities are unique:

  • The BCCI is the only employers ’ organization in Bulgaria, hosting a Euro Info Centre (EIC), established under the aegis of the European Commission. The Centre provides information from the informational sources of the European Union for participation in pro grammes, tenders, seminars, training s and for establishing business contacts. The EIC provides expertise and consultations on customs formalities and procedures , production certification, environmental criteria for the goods, preparation of tender documentation, application for participation in international projects and programmes .
  • The BCCI has an international database providing opportunities for the preparation of various economic analyses of the market, prices of goods and services, tendencies in the development of the market of separate goods , etc.
  • The Mediation Centre settles legal disputes by using alternative methods;

The Court of Arbitration has at its disposal exceptionally qualified and competent lawyers. The disputes are solved by three arbitrators and much faster than the courts.

Membership with BCCI is voluntary. The Chamber has direct, associate d, honorary and correspondent members.

The members of the Chamber are entitled to make advantageous use of the services rendered by BCCI free of charge or at preferential rates, to take an active part in the organized events, to obtain information about its activity, to initiate and join in the discussion of various issues with regard to their activity and interests, to quote when necessary their membership with the BCCI, to participate in the work of various councils , etc.

The direct members of the BCCI that have paid their membership fee are entitled to place the logo of the Chamber on their website or on other documents together with their own logo, and those members that have not fully fulfilled their membership obligations to the BCCI, in compliance with its Statutes should discontinue the use of the BCCI logo. 

In addition to the above listed rights, the direct members of the BCCI can participate directly or with their representative in the General Assembly of the Chamber, in its management, in the execution of its programme and are entitled to special packages of services provided for them: minimal, standard and extended.

The direct members of the BCCI pay an annual membership fee depending on the package of services chosen by them - HERE

Relevant application forms:

Preferential services for associate d members of BCCI

The membership fee may be paid in cash at the Chamber’s cash-desk or remitted to BCCI’s bank account
    IBAN: BG 25 UNCR 7630 1000 3081 19
    7, Sveta Nedelya Sqr., Sofia

For additional information
  Zdravka Georgieva, Director
  Tel.: (+359 2) 987 88 84, 8117 476
   Fax: (+359 2) 987 32 09
Contact details: Trade Register
  Gergina Veselinova
   Tel.: (+359 2) 8117 462
   Fax: (+359 2) 987 32 09