Privacy Statement


Who are we?
The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is a non-profit organization which assists, promotes, represents and protects the business interests of its members.
For more than 120 years, BCCI has been working actively in service of Bulgarian entrepreneurship for the purpose of its prosperity and the economic development of the country.
As the largest nationally recognised employers’ organization, BCCI maintains a constant dialogue with the state authorities on improving the conditions for business, modernising the administrative system, limiting unfair competition, and protecting the individual and the property of citizens – measures which will stimulate the economy of the country.

BCCI and the confidentiality of personal data of individuals
In order to fulfil its mission and objectives, BCCI collects information mainly related to entrepreneurial activity. To a large extent, these are data and indicators in the field of economic development.
We are convinced that the success of any business endeavour is inextricably linked to the people who run it. Entrepreneurs/employers are the engine of the economy and without them it cannot exist and develop. This is the reason why BCCI collects, in addition to the business information, also personal data of the entrepreneurs/employers representing the various established forms of business activity, as well as personal data – data of other persons who work/contribute to the development of the economy – representatives of associations and foundations, as well as experts, representatives of the public institutions and international organizations.

Why do we collect personal data?
The reason we collect personal data is closely related to the achievement of the goals and objectives of BCCI – as stipulated in its Articles of Association or in compliance with legislative acts.
Through this statement, BCCI provides you with information about the nature of the personal data it collects and processes so that you gain clarity about the purpose of its collection, your rights, and how we protect the privacy of your personal data. 
This statement is intended for you – all the present and future members and, in various forms, partners of BCCI. 

How and what personal data do we collect?

  • Data related to BCCI membership and/or the provision of services by BCCI
    BCCI collects this data mainly on the basis of declarations and other documents (submitted on paper or in electronic form, including through BCCI’s website), which you provide to us and/or sign during the registration process at BCCI and/or for services requested by you.
    Due to the need of communication between our organizations, we collect some of the data by e-mail or in a telephone conversation.
    Another part of your personal data we collect from public sources (mainly public registers), while complying with the terms of use of the information of these sources.
    We only collect a minimum quantity of personal data, and only those which are needed by BCCI in order to achieve the respective objective (e.g. name, address), and in case when this is required by a legislative or administrative act – Personal ID number/ ID card/ International Passport data.  
  • Video recordings
    BCCI collects data through security cameras used to protect the property of BCCI, including the personal data administered by it. These recordings are kept for a minimum legally required period and the access to them is strictly regulated.
    BCCI also collects personal data through video recording of events involving members and partners of BCCI.
    Some of these events, including their recordings, are publicly available in view of their public interest and value, their news importance and the benefit they bring to the business community in the country. As active participants in these events, you may be included in the recordings. In most cases, from the recordings only a limited number of individuals can be identified. For other participants information may be available, but they are recognized only by a narrower circle of people. In general, the individuals are associated with the business they represent or with the topic they are interested in. If for any reason you do not want to be recorded or consider that these recordings violate the privacy of your personal data, you can warn our representatives at the entrance to the event and take a seat with the least focus during the recordings.  
  • Cookies on our website
    BCCI’s website uses cookies. Cookies are information stored in your browser. They are used to save settings and identifiers required for some of the services provided on our website. Cookies contain information that helps BCCI improve the functionalities of its website. If you do not want us to do so, you can change the settings of your browser by restricting cookies. You should bear in mind that the website may not function normally and reliably without some of them.
    • BCCI’s website has built-in Google Analytics. It may use a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the “__ga” cookie; 
    • bcci_biskvitka – for login session in BCCI’s website;
    • BCCI uses cookies in its Edipub, Editar and OTS systems. Additional information about them is available in the Edipub, Editar and OTS Cookies Policy;
    • „third-party cookies” – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube may apply social network content sharing cookies or usage statistics cookies. The presence, number and status of such cookies may depend on your use of these platforms before or during your visit to BCCI’s website. We urge you to get acquainted with the Cookies Policies of these social networks on their respective websites.

How do we store your personal data?
BCCI stores your personal data on our servers by applying appropriate technical and administrative measures and controls to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the data. The transfer of the information you send to BCCI through its website is protected by an encrypted connection.

Who do we share your personal data with?
BCCI shares your personal data:
- with state and municipal bodies and institutions – in fulfilment of BCCI’s obligations assigned to it by virtue of a legislative or administrative act – provided that there is a reason for the respective body/institution to request your personal data from BCCI;
- publicly – through BCCI’s YouTube channel where we share our events
- publicly – through the register of members of the BCCI published on our website, which aims to provide contacts with your company to third parties that would be interested in partnership, including receiving services from your company.
- with reliable partners of BCCI on whom BCCI relies for the maintenance of its information systems for processing; all our partners commit to complying with the conditions and requirements of BCCI for processing of personal data; your personal data is stored on media – in all cases under our direct control.
- with public bodies and institutions and private entities (in the country and abroad) – for a service provided by BCCI at your request/authorization.

Personal data retention period
BCCI stores personal data for periods determined in one of the following ways: 

  • by a legislative/administrative act;
  • by the Articles of Association/internal rules of BCCI;
  • by the announced or normally required by/for BCCI terms for provision of the requested services;
  • by the normally required terms for storage and provision by BCCI of the information expected from it – about you and other economic entities, which is beneficial to your business activity; BCCI reliably stores this data because such information can only be provided by us; the information is stored in BCCI’s archives and only strictly specified persons have access to it.
  • With the exception of the above-mentioned cases, the personal data administered by BCCI related to the communication with you on daily/current issues, is retained for a period no longer than 5 years.

Access to information and your rights
Taking into account the value of the information stored by BCCI, we apply strict data access organization. This is done to prevent unauthorized access, mistakes, or misuse of your personal data.
As a responsible organization, BCCI respects all the rights of the individuals related to the protection of their personal data as guaranteed by the European and national legislation. BCCI complies with all regulatory requirements, taking into account the specific circumstances, the forms of data collection, the legal grounds and the purpose of their collection.
BCCI’s services are focused on business development and therefore we do not use “profiling” techniques in view of your personal characteristics.
In addition to being entitled to request a “correction” of your personal data if necessary, we rely on you to exercise this right and to help us have accurate and up-to-date information about you.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, our employees will assist you with care and attention to you.

Additionally, you have the right, at your discretion, to file a complaint with the supervisory authority – the Personal Data Protection Commission

In any case, regardless of the specific circumstances, you may seek answers and make claims about the protection of your personal data and the rights related to it, to our Data Protection Officer
by e-mail:
Tel.: +359 2/ 8117444

You can contact us through the following contact details:
Sofia, 9, Iskar Str.