Average Adjusters

The average adjustment procedure is complicated and specific and requires special knowledge and experience not only in the field of law, but also in maritime law, commercial law and insurance. To guarantee the necessary expertise in average adjustment procedures, BCCI organizes a special training which is completed by means of a written and oral examination before a commission to receive the qualification “Average Adjuster”. Average adjusters can be only persons:

  • Who have attended a qualification course in general and particular average in BCCI and have a certificate for it;
  • Who have passed a written and oral examination in maritime law and practice of general average and international customs of commercial navigation before a special commission, appointed by the President of BCCI and on this basis has received the qualification “AVERAGE ADJUSTER” and a certificate issued by the BCCI;
  • Who meet the following additional requirements:
    a/ To be lawful aged Bulgarian citizens with a clean police record
    b/ To have a higher legal, economic or naval education, expertise and experience in the field of theory and practice of maritime law or foreign trade, insurance and other international economic relations
    c/ To have a good command of one of the UN official languages.
    d/ To submit an affidavit to be impartial and conscientious in the performance of their duties.

Average adjusters are included in the List of average adjusters by resolution of the Executive Council of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, elected among the persons who have successfully passed the exam under items 1 and 2 above and meet the requirements of item 3 above, for a period of five years:

Average adjusters impartially and conscientiously perform their duties. They are obliged to execute in good faith the rights and obligations granted to them and to participate actively in the establishment of the facts, rights and obligations of the participants in the general average.