Registro unico commerciale

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers to your attention a modern unified, voluntary, electronic trade register at the BCCI to meet the increased needs of the business for fast, reliable and simplified registration procedure, at a price covering the costs of its maintenance and with main function to serve and facilitate the economic activity of the entrepreneurs through issuance and legalization of documents in Bulgarian and foreign languages...

BCCI Voluntary Unified Trade Register ENTER
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Main principles and advantages of the Trade Register of the BCCI:
  • Unified, centralized electronic database, encompassing the BCCI and the 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry (RCCIs);
  • Bilingual – Bulgarian and English - versions of the system for use from the country and from abroad;
  • Accelerated registration procedure – from 1 to 24 hours;
  • On-line entry of circumstances subject to registration from all 28 RCCIs (in real time);
  • Application of uniform operative rules and uniform Tariff of registration prices;
  • Trained personnel;
  • Uniform specimen of registration forms which may be sent by electronic means with documents attached thereto;
  • Introduction of wide scope of information on the registered subjects – name, legal form, seat, business address, communications – telephone, fax, electronic mail, internet address, activities for business contacts, lawful representatives, authorized persons and scope of their powers, foreign participation, number of employees, license, etc.;
  • The introduction of additional parameters for the registered juridical subjects and the possibility to search by these parameters provides more complete information about their real activity and about the persons legitimate to represent them, which is a prerequisite for higher security in their trade relations. This does not exclude verification of their actual status by other sources also – the Trade Register at the Registry Agency;
  • Publicity of the information through ensured access to the registered data on BCCI’s INTERNET site, complying to the Personal Data Protection Act;
  • Ensured security of the complete information on the registered juridical subjects, by use of special passwords for access and execution of control on the authenticity of entries and references made;
  • Preliminary migration of data previously registered – the information provided by the registered firms and other juridical subjects - has been completed without additional formalities for them;
  • Utilization of the entries as a basis for certification of the companies’ statute in Bulgarian and foreign languages and for issuing documents assisting their economic activity – certificates and references on their statute and financial status in Bulgarian and foreign languages, certificates of origin of goods, exportation invoices, other documents related to the international exchange of merchandise. Documents are only issued after verification of the merchants’ actual status with the Trade Register at the Registry Agency;
  • Scanning of the registered juridical subjects’ files;
  • Scanning of the signatures of registered companies’ representatives and other juridical subjects, to save formalities upon certifying these signatures affixed to documents of their foreign-trade activity.