Polygon Group

General Information

In pursuance of the contract signed between BCCI and Polygon Group Ltd., a joint project with the working title “Tradenet” started. Its main goals are focused on:

  • providing a suitable environment and tools for the establishment and management of business contacts between business units;
  • assisting the development and facilitating e-commerce between companies , with special emphasis on SMEs, which, through BCCI, will receive the unique opportunity to present themselves and their products to the world;
  • promoting the implementation of the international GS1 standards used in national and international commerce.

To achieve these goals an internet portal called EСomGrid (Electronic Commerce Grid) was developed.

Advantages and benefits for Bulgarian companies included in the Portal:

  • through it they receive the opportunity for direct access to international markets;
  • basic company information and details about the products manufactured / sold by companies included in the Portal;
  • for SMEs this is an opportunity to present and advertise their products / services without incurring additional expenses, including expenses for the creation of their own websites, as well as a chance to easily find partners;
  • the Portal will provide the opportunity for direct communication between companies and will facilitate partnership and contacts between them. Through it every company will be able to send information / messages to:
    • companies, included in its commercial community (the community of business partners it has created);
    • companies included in a list created in accordance with specific criteria selected by it;
    • the world.
  • through it companies will be able to manage the processes related to order and delivery of products and services;
  • they will be able to include their own new products in real time or to remove products which are no longer available , i.e. to maintain an active list of provided products/services.

BCCI will provide full servicing to companies that wish to register in the Portal through a package of services, which includes:

  • BCCI’s operator entering the Company profile information;
  • description of products/services;
  • taking photographs of the products;
  • measuring the products in BCCI’s specially equipped laboratory or directly on the spot at the company’s premises;
  • information about the type, dimensions and measurements of the packaging;
  • consultations about the GDSN standards (Global Data Synchronization Network), which are extremely important for international trade;
  • translation of the information in English.

At the moment the initial version of the Portal is available. BCCI has included in it basic information about 6475 companies in advance (name, address, contact details, business activity). Detailed information about the products manufactured by companies and/or the services provided by them is added to this information, so that the Portal meets the high requirements of entrepreneurs and assists them in establishing future partnerships.

At present registration in the Portal is free.

After the final version of the Portal is launched the services will be provided against subscription. For members of BCCI the following discounts from the price are available: 10 % for the associated members and the members of GS1 Bulgaria and 20 % for the direct members of the Chamber.

Access to the Internet Portal EComGrid  www.ecomgrid.com).