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«BCCI – Center for vocational training, translations, consultations and company services» EOOD
Consultations on economic activity
Provides information and consultations on:
  • The opportunities to carry out economic activity in the Republic of Bulgaria. Preparation of documents and registration of companies;
  • Provision of business information and preparation of economic profiles of foreign companies;
  • Consultations on standardization and quality control systems;
  • Consultations in the field of personnel planning, development and management;
  • Provision of services to companies in carrying out their commercial activity;
  • Information on patents, trademarks and protection of intellectual property;
  • Consultations on the application and requirements of trade and customs regimes.
Consultations on legal issues


  • Consultations on legal issues. Drafting of commercial and specific contracts;
  • Consultations on disputes which have arisen in connection with infringed contractual relations.
Consultations on projects for financing
  • Provides assistance for drafting of project proposals for financing. Development of business plans and projects.
  • Provision of information and consultations on financial and insurance issues, franchising and venture capital.
Consultations on marketing research
  • Marketing research of the internal and international market;
  • Analysis of the status and problems of particular sectors, branches or regions;
  • Assistance for preparation of financial analyses and development strategies;
  • Information on the status of commodity markets and prices;
  • Provision of business information and preparation of economic profiles of foreign companies.
Consultations on tax issues
  • Provides consultations on tax, accounting and social security legislation;
  • Provides assistance and protection of the rights of taxpayers with regard to tax inspection acts issued by the tax administration.
Tariff of rates of services
Contact details:
   Margarita Damyanova
 Tel.: (+359 2) 8117 477, 988 02 32
  Fax: (+359 2) 987 32 09
Filling in of commercial documents
Tariff of rates of services