La CBCI – Centro de formación profesional, traducciones, consultas y servicios de las empresas, EOOD


  • Consultations on economic activity:
    • Provision of business information;
    • Drafting of companies ’ profiles ;
    • Provision of services to companies in carrying out their commercial activity ;
    • Standardization and quality control systems ;
    • Personnel planning , development and management ;
    • Patents, trademarks and protection of intellectual property ;
    • Application and requirements of trade and customs regimes;
    • Evaluation of assets and companies
  • Consultations on legal issues:
    • Registration of companies;
    • Drafting of commercial and specific contracts ;
    • Disputes in connection with infringed contractual relationships.
  • Consultations on projects for financing:
    • Drafting of project proposals for financing;
    • Elaboration of business plans and projects;
    • Preparation of tender and competition documentation;
    • Provision of information on financial and insurance issues, franchising, and venture capital .
  • Consultations on marketing research:
    • Internal and international markets;
    • Elaboration of analyses and development strategies ;
    • Information on the status of particular sectors, branches or regions, commodity markets and prices.
  • Consultations on tax issues
  • Filling in/elaboration of commercial documents
  • Translation / interpretation services:
    • Translation of corporate and private documents from/to more than 20 languages;
    • Certification of documents before government and public offices and institutions;
    • Legalization of documents at the Consular sections of foreign missions in the country .
  • Training:
    • Organizing of seminars and training courses for expanding and improvement of personnel qualifications;
    • Gaining skills and competences for professional development.
  • Fairs and Exhibitions:
    • organization of specialized exhibitions and fairs in Bulgaria;
    • Organizing individually, collectively or formal participation of Bulgarian companies in International fairs and exhibitions abroad.

For contacts:
Mrs. Margarita Damyanova
Telephone: (+359 2) 8117 477
Fax: (+359 2) 987 32 09

Fairs and Exhibitions
Telephone: (+359 2) 989 72 40