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Owners:Municipality Samokov
Telephone:(+359 722) 66 630, 66 631, 66 632; +359 889 199 230
Fax:(+359 722) 60 050; 60 065,
Area:total 369 012 sq.m.
electricity - two electric transmission lines are bordering the site (20 kV)
water - possibility to develop an own water source for industrial needs
gas - bordering the site
sewage - on-site, connected with the waste water treatment plant
Possible forms of cooperation:Public-private partnership
Closest towns with population:Sofia - 2 mln. people
Short presentation:
Municipality Samokov initiated the development of the Industrial Zone in the Northern part of the municipality. The plots in village Dragushinovo are located next to the currently existing Samokov Industrial Zone and the manufacturing area "Chervena zemya". The location of the Zone is its advantage - the proposed plots for the development of the Industrial Zone are situated on both sides of the second-class road II-82, providing easy access to the first-class road E80 and to Sofia. The Zone is situated neat the town's waste water treatment plants.
The project implementation will be based on the principles of public private partnership. Municipality Samokov will fully support all initiatives related to the development of the zone.

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