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Municipality:Gorna Malina
Location:village Gorna Malina
Owners:Municipality Gorna Malina and private companies
Telephone:(+359 715) 23 20
Fax:(+359 715) 22 52
Area:total 153 619 sq.m. – there is a possibility to expand the zone with about 200 000 sq.m. private land
Business activities:The leading branches in Gorna Malina's economy include light industry, food processing industry and machine building. There is a plan to construct a production zone and storage facilities. Only eco-friendly industries will be allowed in the zone.
Free areas:land
Possible forms of cooperation:Public-private partnership
Closest towns with population:Sofia - 2 mln. people
Short presentation:

The Zone has a water pipeline (for drinking and industrial needs) and a sewage in excellent condition. Electricity of 63kV is available to the borders of every plot within the Zone. There is still no gas available in the site, but the Municipality plans to construct the gas infrastructure to the borders of the site within 1 year period.

Apart from the very well developed infrastructure, the Industrial zone can offer the following advantages to investors:

  • Proximity to the biggest market for consumer goods and services in Bulgaria;
  • Available property;
  • Favourable geographic location and resources for ecological and cultural tourism;
  • Clean environment.

Additional Information :

Special incentives offered by the municipal authorities to potential investors include:

  • Preferential rent and sale rates of municipal premises and land;
  • Short term to issue construction permits and other business licenses;
  • Cooperation with all institutions which have an impact on business;
  • Assistance with finding qualified employees.