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Region:Veliko Tarnovo
Owners:Municipality Strazhitsa
Manager / Representatives:eng. Stefan Rachkov Stefanov - Mayor
Contact person:Dimitar Krasimirov Petrushev, Krasimira Ivanova Zhelyazkova
Telephone:(+359 6161) 43 08
Fax:(+359 6161) 25 68,
Investments made:2 898 700 BGN
Area:total 118 da, divided in 4 plots
Business activities:An NGO was established for the purposes of management and marketing of the Industrial Zone after the construction and assembly works are finished at the end of 2010. The Zone is intended primarily for production, allowing light, assembly and processing plants, logistics and trade bases to be set up.
Provided services:Administrative and legal services and consultations will be offered to potential investors, as well as assistance for the recruitment of personnel before the Employment Bureau and other institutions.
Infrastructure:roads - each plot is connected to an asphalt road; there are two parking lots for trucks
railway line - the Zone is just 1,5 km away from Strazhitsa station, which has a shipping terminal
electricity - 20 kV (on-site two overhead and one underground power lines and three transformers bordering the site)
water and fire hydrants next to each plot
sewage - each plot has access to sewage which is connected to the urban sewage network
fiber optic connection
Free areas:land - 110 da
Schools and universities:Within 100 km there are 5 universities – 2 technical universities /in Gabrovo and Ruse/, 1 university of economics /Svishtov/ and 2 humanitarian universities /in Veliko Tarnovo and Shumen/. In Strazhitsa and the neighbouting towns there are a number of high schools and vocational secondary schools.
Participation in RCCI:The President of Veliko Tarnovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of the Management Board of the NGO managing the Zone.
Possible forms of cooperation:Cooperation, public-private partnership, sale, etc.
Stage of the project:Finishing works - street lights and sidewalks
Closest towns with population:Veliko Tarnovo - 80 000 people, Gorna Oriahovitsa - 35 000 people
Short presentation:

The Zone is intended primarily for production, allowing light, assembly and processing plants, logistics and trade bases to be set up on its territory. The plots in the zone range from 5 da to 80 da. In order to facilitate initial investments in the Zone, it is possible to grant premission for construction without the need to buy the land. It is possible to expand the Zone with 60 da neighbouring municipal land.