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Region:Stara Zagora
Municipality:Stara Zagora
Location:near village Elenino
Legal status:A NGO will be established for the management of the zone.
Owners:Municipality Stara Zagora
Contact person:Velizar Balabanov
Telephone:(+359 42) 614 655; 600 272
Investments made:1,65 mln. BGN
Area:total 206 000 sq.m. The zone can be expanded with about 50 da.
airport - 8 km away from Stara Zagora airport
water - there are wells in the zone which can provide water for industrial needs, and the drinking water is about 6 km away
telecommunications - GSM coverage
fiber optic connection - 6 km away
Free areas:land
Schools and universities:Trakiya University - Stara Zagora
Participation in RCCI:Stara Zagora Chamber of Commerce and Industry will participate in the Management Board of the NGO which will be registered
Stage of the project:Phase 1 is completed (technical assistance; training of the municipal employees; work projects were developed and approved for several elements of the technical project documentation – roads, electricity supply, etc.; a road connection with the main road was built).
Closest towns with population:Stara Zagora - 140 000 people; Sliven - 93 000 people