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Список арбитров по международным делам, рассматриваемым АС при БТПП

Actualization: 23.02.2024

1. Antov Christo born  1955,
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: English
2. Antuna Antolin Fernandez

Born 1976
Nationality: Spanish,
Attorney-at-Law, Managing Partner at  Antuna and Partners, international counsel
foreign languages:  English, French, Spanish

3. Augsburger Thierry born  1978,
Nationality Swiss,
Attorney-at-Law, Managing Partner at Four Knights LLC, Geneva
foreign languages: German, French, English
4. Baliuk Galina born 1951,
Nationality Ukrainian,
Professor of Faculty of Law of Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, arbitrator of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the UCCI
foreign languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.
5. Balevska Emanuela born 1957
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: French, Russian
6. Ben Mansour Affef Nationality French, Tunisian,
PhD in international  Law, Attorney, Consultant
foreign languages: French, Arabian, English
7. Bouzeva Tania born 1964,
Nationality Bulgarian,
PhD in Law, Senior Assistant Professor, Law Faculty Sofia University “St. Climent Ohridski”
foreign languages: German, Russian, English
8. Chaleva Anna born 1953,
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: English
9. Chubarov Vadim born  1959,
Nationality Russian,
Sverdlovsk Law Institute, Ph.D. Director of the Centre of Arbitration and Mediation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation,
foreign languages: English, Russian
10. Ciric Aleksandar born 1952,
Nationality Serbian,
Faculty of Law University of Nis, 1975, LLM,   Full Professor for International Trade Law,
foreign languages: Serbian, English
11. Dimolitsa Antonias born 1950,
Nationality  Greek,
Attorney-at- Law in Athen
foreign languages: Greek, French, English
12. Delchev Andrey born 1960,
Nationality Bulgarian
Lawyer, Managing partner in “A. Delchev and Partners” legal office,
foreign languages: English
13. Dermendjiev Ivaylo born 1962,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Vice-President at the AC at the BCCI,
Attorney-at-Law, Member of the Arbitration Court London, Member of the International Arbitration Court of Sport, Switzerland, Chair of Bulgaria's Supreme Bar Council
foreign languages: English, Russian
14. Zhelyazkova Ventsislava born 1953,
Nationality Bulgarian,
PhD, Attorney-at-law
Associate Professor in International Private law foreign languages: English, French, Russian


Grozev Dobromir born 1959,
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: English, German, Russian
16. Goleva Polya born 1954,
Nationality Bulgarian,
PhD, Professor in Civil and Commercial Law, lecturer in Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarsky”, Attorney-at-law,
foreign languages: German, English, Russian
17. Haaskjold Erlend Nationality Norwegian,
Parhrer at „Arntzen de Besche“, Oslo
Barrister,  England and Wales
Fellow of the Chartered tnslitute of Arbitrators
Head of the law firm's Intenational Arbitration practice in Oslo,
foreign languages: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
18. Hascher Domminique born 1956,
Nationality France,
Judge on the Supreme Judicial Court of France and an Adjunct Professor of Law, University Pantheon-Sorbonne (Paris I)
foreign languages: English, French, some Russian
19. Heider Manfred born 1952,
Nationality Austrian,
Secretary general of the International Arbitral centre at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Lecturer on Law, University of Vienna, Law Faculty,
foreign languages: German, English, Italian
20. Iacob Iuliana Nationality Romanian,
Attorney at law, arbitrator, counsel,
foreign languages: English, French,  German, Spanish
21. Kecskes Laszlo born 1953,
Nationality Hungarian,
Attorney -at -law, Professor and Head of the Civil Law Department at the University of Pecs, President of the Arbitration Court attached to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
foreign languages: Hungarian, English, German, Russian
22. Katzarsky Alexander born 1964,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Attorney-at-law, Senior Assistant Professor in Civil and Commercial Law, Law Faculty Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”,
Vice-President at the AC at the BCCI,
foreign languages: English, Russian
23. Kalaidjiev Angel born 1958,
Nationality Bulgarian,,
Professor, Law Faculty Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, PhD, Doctor of judicial sciences,
foreign languages: English, Russian
24. Krastev Krastyo born 1949,
Nationality Bulgarian,
PhD, Jurist
foreign languages: German, Russian, English
25. Karlova Rumiana born 1966,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Legal adviser in “Trivia legal advice”,
foreign languages: English, German
26. Kopecky Leon born 1982,
Nationality Austrian,
Attorney-at-Law, "Schoenherr", Vienna,
foreign languages: German, English, French, Spanish
27. Lansky Gabriel born 1955,
Nationality Austria,
University lecturer at the University of Vienna, Attorney-at-Law “Lansky, Ganzger & Partners”,
foreign languages: English, German, Czech, Slovak, Macedonian, Russian, Italian
28. Lazarov Lachezar born 1977,
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: English, Russian
29. Lehtinen Leena Nationality Finn,
Associate Professor (International Trade law), Attorney-at-Law, Assistant Professor of Tampere University, Arbitrator of the ICAC at the UCCI
foreign languages: Finnish, Russian, English
30. Magnusson Annette born 1966,
Nationality Swedish,
Secretary general at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, LLM at the Stockholm University,
foreign languages: English, Swedish
31. Marcopoulos Alexander born 1982
Nationality US, Greek
Counsel in the International Arbitration practice of Shearman & Sterling LLP,  Paris, France, JD
foreign languages:  English, Greek
32. Misuraca Francesco born 1970,
Nationality Italian,
Lawyer, Phd. in Philosophy of Law
foreign languages: Italian, English, French, Chinese, German, Russian
33. Mitev  Krasimir born 1971,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Doctor of judicial  sciences,
Lecturer in Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarsky”
foreign languages: French, English, Russian
34. Nastasie Nicoleta Mirela born 1972
Nationality Romanian
Lawyer, PhD/Doctor in law
Foreign languages:  English, Romanian,French
35. Nenov Veselin born 1962,
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: German, Russian
36. Pohla Asko born 1964,
Nationality Estonian,
Attorney-at-law,  Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
foreign languages: English, Russian
37. Penkov Vladimir born 1952,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Chairman & Senior Partner “Penkov, Markov & Partners”,
foreign languages: English, German
38. Radinsky Orlin born 1972,
Nationality Austrian,
Partner of “Brauneis Klauser Preandl  Rechtsanwealte” GmbH, Vienna
foreign languages: German, English,Bulgarian, Russia
39. Reiner Andreas born 1951,
Nationality Austrian,
Attorney-at-law, honorary professor at the Vienna University of Economics, lecturing to young practitioners both domestically and abroad,
foreign languages: English, German, French
40. Staneva Anna born 1957,
Nationality Bulgarian,
PhD,Associate Professor in Civil and Commercial law, Law Faculty, Sofia University “St. Climent Ohridski”,
foreign languages: English, French, Russian
41. Stalev Stoyan born 1952,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Research associate in the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
foreign languages: German, English
42. Simeonov Tsvetan born 1955,
Nationality Bulgarian,
President of the BCCI
foreign languages: English, Russian, Spanish
43. Slipachuk Tatyana born 1968,
Nationality Ukrainian,
Head of International Arbitration and International Trade Practice Groups at Sayenko Kharenko Law Firm in Ukraine,
foreign languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and German
44. Tabakova Milena born 1957,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Attorney-at- Law,
foreign languages: German, English
45. Tomov Lazar born 1958,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Attorney-at-Law, L.L.M. –Catholic University Leuven, Belgium,
foreign languages: English
46. Todorova Maria born 1964,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Attorney-at- Law,
foreign languages: English, French, Russian
47. Tsotsov Stanimir born 1954,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Manager of the Consultant house “Legafin” Ltd.,
foreign languages: English, Russian, French
48. Wagner Philipp born 1975,
Nationality German,
Attorney-at-Law, arbitrator, party counsel,
foreign languages: German, English, French
49. Welser Irene born 1964,
Nationality Austrian,
Honorary Professor of Civil and Commercial Law - University of Vienna,
Member of the Vienna International Arbitral Centre Board
foreign languages: German, English, French, Italian
50. Whitehurst Ian Nationality British,
Barrister at-Law, arbitrator, counsel
foreign languages: English
51. Yordanova Maria born 1957,
Nationality Bulgarian,
Phd, Attorney-at-Law,
foreign languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian
52. Zartova Valentina born 1953,
Nationality Bulgarian,
foreign languages: Russian, English