Topic: 12th International Energy Congress and Expo 6-8 November

Date: 06-11-2019

Organiser: EEN


BCCI is a coorganise of matchmaking event  that will be held in the framework of the 12th International Energy Congress and Expo on November 6-8, 2019 in Ankara,Turkey. Companies, public and private institutions, universities, research centers etc., from all over the world will have the opportunity to discuss topics such as renewable energy, energy savings, energy storage, coal, oil and natural gas, electric vehicle.

The matchmaking event (B2Bs) is a great opportunity for Bulgarian SMEs to meet potential partners for business, research and technological cooperation. The brockerage event  will be organized on November 7-8, 2019 within the framework by the Enterprise Europe Network to the Ankara Chamber of Industry.
Registration for the B2Bs is available at https://www.enerjikongresi.com/b2b-talepformu?

More about the Congress:

The congress held in Ankara has become Turkey’s biggest mixed energy event. Since the beginning of EIF Congress, it has brought local and foreign sector leading professionals, foreign ministers and foreign investors together in an international platform.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United States of America, NCTR, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Mozambique Ministers of Energy participated in our opening speeches and ceremonies of the congresses together with their delegations.

Last year, 200 speakers, and 14.000 delegations participated to our congress which feels the pulse of energy sector. In this quality platform, delegations had the opportunity of taking cognizance about Turkish and World energy markets.

In this congress to which high-ranking public authorities, many academic and non-governmental representatives, and leading professionals of energy sector are invited as speakers, energy efficiency, energy storing, digitalizing, smart networks and electric cars will be handled as new content titles.

EIF 2019, which will be closely monitored by national and international media organizations with live streams, will contribute to Turkey’s future development process in the world energy corridors.

For more information don't hesitate to contact us at: een@bcci.bg