Topic: Balkan Bazaar in India 2018

Organiser: BIBA, BCCI


The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has the pleasure of informing you of thе 
“Balkan Bazaar in India” exhibition that will thake place in October 2018, in the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh.

The aim of the event is to incorporate the joint presentment of Balkan products such as foods and drinks, including wine and other alcoholic beverages, cheese products, diaries and yogurt, consumer goods, probiotics, cosmetics, textiles, etc.

Preferential terms for participants’ flights, transportation of goods (via container transport), and display stands (at the exhibition area) will be arranged;
it is expected by the organizers that the revenue of the goods and products sold at the “Bazaar” will cover for the trip’s expenses. The main goal set by the exhibition’s activity is establishing contacts with Indian partners and creating a platform for future cooperation.

Businesses from all Balkan countries are invited to participated in the exhibition. The organizers expect some 150 companies to participate in the event, and to popularize the Balkan products in the Republic of India.

The BCCI will further inform its members of the "Bazaar" agenda and organizational matters.