Topic: European Parliament of Enterprises

Date: 14-11-2023

Organiser: EUROCHAMBRES, European Parliament, BCCI


The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is announcing the forthcoming 6th edition of the European Parliament of Enterprises™ (EPE), organised by Eurochambres and the European Parliament, once every two years.

On 14 November 2023, over 750 European entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to feel like members of the European Parliament for one day, sitting in the Brussels’ Hemicycle, debating and voting on political resolutions, just like real MEPs would do!

The EPE recreates a parliamentary session and gives the floor to European entrepreneurs. This highlights the “economic democracy” of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry through their representation and their structure.

This event aims to give the floor to entrepreneurs and to let decision-makers know what the business community expects from them in the future. Entrepreneurs will have a unique opportunity to debate with the high representatives of the EU Institutions and to provide them with direct bottom-up feedback on EU policies.

The EPE will be composed of the same number of entrepreneurs as the number of MEPs and will follow the same breakdown by country. Non-EU countries will also be involved in the event and will have the right to vote. And, at the same time, for the companies, being able to sit in such a prestigious setting is a way of discovering how real EU debates work and finding out that it is not always easy to reach an agreement! In addition to entrepreneurs, the event will host invitees from the EU Institutions, representatives of the chambers of commerce and industry and the international media.

During the EPE, entrepreneurs will debate and exercise their voting rights on three key EU issues: Energy, International Trade and Skills. These topics are the result of cross comparison between the political priorities for 2023 put forward by the EU Institutions and Eurochambres. The programme and information on how to take part in this event can be found here.

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What to know more? Check the EPE2023 video: https://bit.ly/EPE2023_


EPE local contact in Bulgaria:

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Gabriela Dimitrova, e-mail: g.dimitrova@bcci.bg

Georgi Stoev, e-mail: g.stoev@bcci.bg