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Location:Municipality Avren
UIC / BULSTAT:160099116
Legal status:joint-stock company
Legal seat:district Odesos, 13 Knyaz Dondukov Str., fl. 1, Varna
Manager / Representatives:Dimitrina Emilova Atanasova
Contact person:Todorka Yordanova
Telephone:(+359 5106) 23 96
Fax:(+359 5106) 208
Area:total 120 000 sq.m.
railway line - 0,5 km away
sea/river port
airport - 55 km away from Varna Airport
electricity - the zone is adjasent to the electrical grid of the nearby settlement
water - drinking water (0,5 km away); no water for industrial needs
gas - the main pipeline passes within 1,5 km from the site
Stage of the project:The Zone is still being constructed.
Closest towns with population:Varna - 321 000 people
Short presentation:
Advantages of the zone:
- Close to Varna, which provides easy access to Varna seaport and Varna Airport, which is the second largest airport in the country
- The infrastructure of the zone is yet to be constructed, but the main advantage is the great availability of various means of transportation
- Since the zone is located approximately 5 km away from inert material, sand, limestone and clay deposits, the zone is intended to develop as a cement production and distribution center
Additional Information :
Subject of activity according to registration:
Purchase of goods or other articles for the purpose of selling them in their original, processed or remodelled form; sale of own-produced goods; trade repsentation and intermediation; commission, forwarding and transport transactions; intellectual property transactions; hotel, tourist, advertising, information, programme and other services; purchase, construction or furnishing of real estate for the purpose of selling it; as well as any other activities and services which are not prohibited by Bulgarian laws. 

Capital of the company: 50 000 BGN