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UIC / BULSTAT:102921627
Legal status:Limited liability company
Legal seat:h.e. Lazur, bl. 4, entr. 1, fl. 5, apt. 14, Burgas
Owners:INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES BULGARIA LTD.; Radoslav Aleksandrov Stoyanov; Zlatina Petrova Gyuleva
Manager / Representatives:Krasen Hristov Ivanov
Contact person:Krasen Hristov Ivanov
Provided services:Public works, including garbage collection, snow removal; advertising, consultation and information transactions.
sea/river port
Closest towns with population:Karnobat - 18 480 people, Nesebar - 11 600 people, Sozopol - 5 410 people
Additional Information :
Subject of activity according to registration:
Purchase of goods and other articles for the purpose of selling them in their original, processed or modified form; sale of own-produced goods; commercial representation and intermediation; commission, forwarding, transport, warehousing and leasing transactions; stock control; transactions with intellectual property; hotel, tourist, programme, impresario and other services; purchase, construction or furnishing of real estates for sale; leasing, design, construction and exploitation of industrial zones, including the infrastructure of industrial zones – construction and repair of roads, transport terminals and junctures; public works, including garbage collection, waste disposal, snow removal, advertising, consultation and information transactions related to the establishment of industrial zones.
Capital of the company: 5 000 BGN