Virtual World for Awareness and Learning on Information Security

Lifelong Learning programme (LLP)

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V-ALERT project aims to support the establishment of an Information Security culture in different ICT user target groups (pupils and teachers, ICT students, academics and enterprise employees) by providing awareness and training through an innovative and immersive e-learning tool; An online 3D virtual world learning environment (VWLE) will be developed which will simulate real-life Information Security threat scenarios, allowing users to gain first-hand experience of the different risks and threats, though in a safe manner. The VWLE of V-ALERT will also provide real time in-world assistance to the users through personalised recommendations coming from applying recommendation algorithms on the users’ profile data and their overall performance during the in-world learning activities. The underlying pedagogy of the V-ALERT approach is the “learning by doing” which can increase intrinsic motivation of learners and lead to deeper understanding and learning.