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Project's description

The main aim of the project is improve the performance of the road freight transport system in the Balkan-Med region. Among the other main objectives are increasing employment options and enhance regional competitiveness of the sector.

In order to achieve these objectives the project partners will develop a transnational, innovative and market-driven freight exchange platform which will facilitate shared road freight transport services efficiently connecting national and cross-border shipper and carrier operations. In addition a truck driver simulator tool will be developed. The platform is expected to provide to its users, especially SMEs, access to new markets and customers. The platform will provide value-added services, meeting its users’ needs and requirements.

As a result of the project, shippers will have better access to road freight transport services especially for LTL shipments which are often costly and not preferred by the carriers. For carriers, the use of the platform may result in better fleet and vehicle capacity utilization, improved load and fuel efficiency, reduced empty trips, better advertising of their services and improved revenue stream.

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Project realized with the financial support of the European Union