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The VOJEXT project aims at providing a favourable business and technological framework to enable matchmaking and encourage producers and adopters (mainly SMEs including small crafters) of Cognitive autonomous systems for human- robot interaction specially “cobots”, dynamizing science-driven industry approaches.
The main project activities include:

  • analysis of socio-economic challenges, technical requirements and functional design of the system;
  • perceptual understanding of human-robot collaboration and contextual environment
  • cognition for safety and ergonomics in human-robot workspaces;
  • semantic modelling, high-level planning and reconfiguration;
  • development of collaborative robots - cobots (robotic arms that resemble the device and movements of the human hand to perform repetitive or sometimes dangerous manipulations instead of worker)s;
  • testing of cobots by SMEs and DIH (digital innovation hubs);
  • communication plan development and dissemination activities
Project realized with the financial support of the European Union