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The project objective is to provide support for the digital storydoing of local tourism businesses in order to improve the competitiveness of rural businesses that operate in tourism and related sectors and developing the capacities of rural businesses to design and promote sustainable local tourism experiences based on Storydoing.

The primary target group consists of entrepreneurs and workers, aspiring storydoers, of local tourism businesses of rural areas: TA & TO, Small Hotel Accommodation & Guest Houses, Restaurants, Tour & Mountain Guides, Transport companies, Museums, Other local tourist services like farms, bakeries, breweries, etc. The project targets also supporting organizations of rural entrepreneurship: incubators, intermediaries organization, mentors.

The project foresees 3 main results:

  • PR1 - Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism Framework – a study on the processes, methodologies and the know-how of the digital story doing in local tourism. The objective of PR1 is to gather knowledge on the fields of digital storydoing and local tourism, highlight good practices, and assess the needs of aspiring storydoers in rural-specific knowledge.
  • PR2 – Storydoers Training Combo - On the basis of the experience of the PR1 the partners are implementing a Training Combo collection of practices for digital storydoing in local tourism. tourism. It will be a combo including 15 modules based on a combination and innovation of methodologies, practices and cases that partners used for innovation driven design, creative driven problem solving, community based co-creation of solutions and actions.
  • PR3 - Storydoers Handbook - a handbook which will present to the target of the project a number of “case scenarios” where the competences and tools proposed in PR2 will find concrete application, starting from the project pilot experiences and opening up to further “into action application of the knowledge, skills and competences produced by the project.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union