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The overall objective of the project is to increase the number of Women Business Angels (WBAs) in Europe (with a specific focus on South East Europe), and to facilitate the funding of Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) by Business Angels.

The target groups of the project are women entrepreneurs and women "business angels".

The main project activities include the creation of a women “business angles” consortium with partners coming from 7 EU member states: Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and UK (region of Scotland).

The project envisages a research of best practices of successful women “business angles” from Italy and Scotland; a study on the obstacles, challenges and success factors of women “business angels” in Bulgaria; organization of trainings for improving the skills of women “business angles” and women entrepreneurs; creation of e-platform to facilitate women entrepreneurs and women “business angles” networking in the region of South East Europe and making contacts with other international contact networks.

The expected results of the project are related to improving access of women entrepreneurs to financing through “business angels” networks.