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The main aim of the project is to foster the competitiveness of the SMEs in the agrifood sector by tackling a challenge that affects the involved regions and the whole EU - the improvement of the quality processes of these SMEs, the fight against the fraud in the sector, and the promotion of the authenticity in their products.

Overcoming the barriers related to these challenges is to foster the reduction of costs, better chain values, better processes, and better products that will allow the tackled SMEs to grow and be more competitive in the national and international markets, where they need to enlarge their presence in front of larger companies, which are much less challenged by the presented topics.

Among the main outputs expected to be achieved in the course of implementation of the project are: 6 policy instruments enlarged and improved through 6 action plans and monitoring systems, development of an online library with relevant information and contents to support the learning process for SMEs and policy-makers, organization of stakeholder group meetings and over 40 best practices learned/exchanged.

In Bulgaria, the policy instrument addressed by the project is Operational Programme „Innovation and Competitiveness“ 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2 Entrepreneurship and Capacity for growth of SMEs. BCCI will develop an Ąction Plan with measures to be included in the OPIC and aimed at improving the competitiveness of the agri food companies. The plan will be prepared on the basis of identified good European practices and shared experience through study visits, trainings and other actions that will contribute to the introduction, dissemination and implementation of best European policy examples on improving quality standards applied by SMEs and increasing their export potential.

Project realized with the financial support of the European Union