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Objective: The project aims to support the healthy integration of older working generations (55+) into the labour market, capitalise their knowledge and assists them to adapt to the challenges of new ways of working.

  • prepare, test and promote a practical toolkit for public employment services and employer associations focusing on detecting skill gaps, age management and knowledge sharing;
  • collect, evaluate and share good practices within the Danube region;
  • creating, testing and validating a training concept targeting employers for age awareness and integrated age management within their organisations;
  • development of a self-assessment tool to detect skill gaps at 55+ work force;
  • create, test and validate a gamified training concept customised for the age group 55+ to close skill gaps and support their adaptation to the challenges of new way of working;
  • setting up a train-the-mentor program targeting senior employees to boost knowledge sharing abilities.

Project realized with the financial support of the European Union