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The project intends to create a virtual learning environment with short educational video materials which will deliver real practical knowledge based on the experience of the VET institutions, Secondary Schools and the SMEs day-to-day activities. The so called short films are designed for the young pupils and will increase their professional knowledge in the Agro-food sector, showing real-time practice examples taken from the entrepreneurs' lives.

The project addresses actors from different sectors: SMEs, VET organizations, teachers, pupils and other stakeholders. The expected results and impacts are related to the pupils' possibility to be engaged in the real entrepreneurs' activities and agro business practices.

BCCI is going to be included in the following activities: contribution to the identification of the best practices related to the digital films; participation in the selection of entrepreneurs which will narrate real time stories; collaboration with the Bulgarian Secondary School regarding the elaboration of the 2 video educational materials; analysis of the current situation of the agro industrial business; release of the video materials for Bulgaria.